Why is Hungary so

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Why is Hungary so poor?

Excerpt from Antal Endrey's book: The Pig-Headed Lord.

The two-day hearing took place through the mediation of György Soros, in which a deal was made with the Rothschild and Warburg bank houses. ("We received promises instead of financial help", Magyar Nemzet, July 22, 1995) Rabár reports on what happened:
"There will be a meeting in London, organized by György Soros, on the possible way of dealing with the Hungarian debt deficit. The invitation was sent by György Soros to the economic experts of the parties formed at that time. Márton Tardos summed up the travel issues and I received from him a preparatory material, which to my knowledge was prepared by István Szalkai, the former Deputy Governor of the Hungarian National Bank. I studied the writing and consulted with MártonTardos abo…

Close to Death

After a frontal car accident, I started researching death. Let me briefly tell you where this research is currently. There is no such thing as soul migration, because the soul is already there. Those who invent this think only in the outside world, though the point is inward. Everything inside, the outside world is just a projection. If we could talk about something going out, it could only be an imprint of consciousness that continues the way that time interrupts. Different bodies are needed because if one has reached its limits and cannot move from there, a new body comes with new possibilities. Death gives them the hope that they will be able to accomplish their goal by knowing how many bodies they have set for themself. Those who return from death become a better person and thus get a second chance.

Not only can an accident get to death, and the way back from there is not necessarily through intensive care units. There are other ways and methods to do this. An interesting realiza…

Magic and special abilities

"You can't do this because of fashion, but you can start like this"

Research of Hungarians

An average Hungarian who has studied history books has no idea what's coming. In fact, our history books reveal that the ancestors of the Hungarians roamed the steppes and absorbed the spirit of civilization from the West.The fact is that it could easily be the other way around. First, it is worth clarifying the timeline. In the Middle Ages, different time systems were used. In settling different time systems, someone took the opportunity to create false history for the West. But it was during this period that the Hungarians returned to the Carpathian Basin. We have chronicles that follow the original timeline that official history science overlooks. Although the next very interesting presentation will not look at this period from the usual point of view, it is still worthwhile to take the 2 hours.

I will deal with the relationships later in another material because I do not want to ruin the experience of watching the lecture by focusing only on certain parts. Of course, it is no…