Close to Death

After a frontal car accident, I started researching death. Let me briefly tell you where this research is currently. There is no such thing as soul migration, because the soul is already there. Those who invent this think only in the outside world, though the point is inward. Everything inside, the outside world is just a projection. If we could talk about something going out, it could only be an imprint of consciousness that continues the way that time interrupts. Different bodies are needed because if one has reached its limits and cannot move from there, a new body comes with new possibilities. Death gives them the hope that they will be able to accomplish their goal by knowing how many bodies they have set for themself. Those who return from death become a better person and thus get a second chance.

Not only can an accident get to death, and the way back from there is not necessarily through intensive care units. There are other ways and methods to do this. An interesting realization came during my death search when I had to find another term to make it less startling for people who would be frightened of it. It turned out that the search for death is equal to seeking God.

The higher dimensions are not outside, but inside. Your brain is deceiving because in 3D you perceive the physical plane outside of you. So you think the other dimensions are outside. No, the other dimensions are also in the spiritual reality and your brain is the only organ through which you can reach them. The method by which you can do this is called esotericism. Meaning of inner world. When you cast magic, it is not esotericism, because you want to achieve it with the outside world. You just take advantage of your higher dimensional capabilities.