Magic and special abilities

"You can't do this because of fashion, but you can start like this"

Magic doesn't exist in reality. But in reality, what exists and what does not depend greatly on the information available to you. I'd rather say that there are things that you don't think exist, but that they can still exist. If we know that the world is conforming to your faith, even if you know what you know (or you do not know), we may wonder if keeping your obscurity does not give others power over which your faith is used? I'm going to talk about another "non-existent" thing, the mystic world. I often hit the mood with things like curse is defined as the intention, through the holographic brain, interacts with the (world) hologram and appears in the target's (aura) energy system, after which it influences their life. Here, however, we are talking about the meeting of dream and reality, that is, two worlds, which suddenly do not come to my mind with a better illustrative example, which can take 1 minute.

The one who lives in reality sees the dream as a fairy tale, even though the dream is the same reality only on other planes. This means that your thoughts are not only thoughts, but reality itself on these planes. When you see an abusers on the street who, by the way, have come from other planes into 3D, remember that the world is a mirror. If your physical world rises to the frequencies of Dream and remains physical, you will not immediately notice it because events are slowly changing. But there are people in politics and public life who are more accepting in this new environment, like those who trust your common mind. After this little thoughtful interlude, let's delve into the topic that interests you anyway. When I say magic and that special ability, everyone immediately thinks of power. But the vast majority understand this as dominance over others. However, this is a genre similar to martial arts. You start by being able to beat others on the street and when you understand the philosophy behind it, you avoid these street fights. Not to mention the more you know, more you realize how little you know. But what does your ability to do and what skills you gain depend on it?

I'm not telling you a big secret about your brain and your faith. You may have a long history of similar abilities to what you see in this video, but you will not see any of it because two things will block it from breaking out. Your unbelief and your fear. You do not believe in yourself, do not trust yourself and do not dream of it until it changes. And the fear block may also be the reason that you are afraid that if you become special, people will reject you. Even very average people can have special abilities.

Special abilities depend only on you and your brain. If I put it scientifically, I would say that it depends on the cells in your brain. If they are open, they exist; if they are closed, they do not exist. The initiations are no different than anyone figured out how to open such cells at others, and all kinds of power arrangements were built on it. But you can do that yourself, but for most people like that, it just comes and stays there because they aren't scared.

Not all abilities come to everyone in the traditional way. A lot of people live an average life that just keeps this life at the level of the average person, and they already have serious abilities that they use instinctively. Because if you do not use it consciously, it meets the conditions of a consensual reality, that is, social expectations. Then there comes a time when you find yourself in a position where only a miracle can save you and then it becomes a reality.

The human brain runs at 4% utilization on the Reality level and the higher this%, the more spiritual power we are talking about. Anyway, drugs do just that temporarily, so when you are ripped off, your brain goes to a different level of consciousness to where the trained shamans used to go. In the age of modern man, where they do not exist, and to do this is just a good party, traveling to the Land of the Dream is like looking at wild boar here in the city. What happens when Reality breaks down? This can happen, for example, if you have someone close to you on the human consciousness network and someone initate him/her to the next level without due care and a kind of suction effect arise that a few people can easily turn around. Therefore, the mindless enemy image is dangerous because it is true that they are rogues, but if they do not follow the rules of Reality, very strange uncontrollable processes can be initiated.

Whoever says the first is fake, look at the second one

I suppose many are excited now and have a desire to get a deeper understanding of the secrets of the world. But this can start a long and difficult time, because there are two things that can have a positive impact on your personality, which are time and suffering. If you woke up tomorrow morning with power, you wouldn't appreciate it and you wouldn't be able to handle it. You would be a tyrant who would only care about himself/herself and not be able to understand the suffering of others that you are causing. But you would be the one who would do this to help others, until one of them reaches the level of power who passes you. Your reward is what you have enjoyed so far, I am not declaring punishment, because it would be too complicated to burden the heavenly judgment system with any easy understanding. Now, if you want to develop your brain, on the one hand, you have to move away from the timeline based on 3D past-present-future causation, because there are many things in the future that you can sense in the past, and you look for a reason in the past, you never come close to understanding. The other is the belief in "one reality," which excludes parallel realities, even though I am sure you have had realistic dreams where you have made conscious journeys to them. The key to all of this is in your mind, which can even open the gates to reality.

It may be a legitimate question for a ration to write about these here, but what I am capable or willing to prove. Maybe once I am forced to do so and I act like that Thai girl, but basically my abilities do not move at the level of spectacle. But here's a video that was made of me about 10 years ago, when I was doing thousands of things, and I was able to align with any deity, just walking on the divine level. When you hear on TV shows asking for the name and date of birth, they identify you at the holographic level. And at the holographic level, there are no distances and the TV becomes just a means of communication that brings the two people together as a telephone line. At the holographic level, I have experimented and developed some things, which is new, since the internet has not been around for a long time, and few of them live in the modern age. What you see in the video just mentioned is me physically, but for a while appearing as a divinity called Feathered Snake, who is now doing a quick cleanse on you in 20 seconds.

Thank you for your attention!
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