Research of Hungarians

An average Hungarian who has studied history books has no idea what's coming. In fact, our history books reveal that the ancestors of the Hungarians roamed the steppes and absorbed the spirit of civilization from the West. The fact is that it could easily be the other way around. First, it is worth clarifying the timeline. In the Middle Ages, different time systems were used. In settling different time systems, someone took the opportunity to create false history for the West. But it was during this period that the Hungarians returned to the Carpathian Basin. We have chronicles that follow the original timeline that official history science overlooks. Although the next very interesting presentation will not look at this period from the usual point of view, it is still worthwhile to take the 2 hours.

I will deal with the relationships later in another material because I do not want to ruin the experience of watching the lecture by focusing only on certain parts. Of course, it is now understandable why the Huns were demonized and what they were trying to cover up with this 300-plus year. One sure. If this show were to be widely publicized, it would fundamentally shake the history taught today. Luckily for anyone who is interested in the truth, this lecture was translated by someone (who knows English better than me). Translating the excerpt from the next lecture is now my accomplishment. This is about Hungarian prehistoric research, which goes back in time.

Although research institutes try to conceal it, there is more and more evidence that places the role of the Hungarian people in a place quite different from what these institutions would like to see. In my own research, I found two startling material, which extends even more the evidence that is shown in the next video.

However, I would like to pick out the essence of the two materials just mentioned. One reports on a case of a Hungarian designer engineer and instructor doing research in Canada. They talked in Hungarian with his wife when they noticed that an Indian housewife was watching them. It turned out she is Dakota woman and most of them understood what they were talking about in Hungarian. At this point, he began to do more research, and he received much encouragement from American researchers on the subject. The other story is perhaps even more surprising. When the Panama Canal was built, it turned out that the Hungarians who worked there spoke Hungarian with Indian workers. The story reached the ears of Hungarian immigrants in South America, and a researcher named János Móricz decided to follow up the topic. He found out that the native language that had disappeared during the Spanish's violent language exchange was Hungarian. Specifically, an ancient version of today's Hungarian language. In my own research, I came to the conclusion that Hungarian may have been the English language of the previous global civilization. The nice thing is, the evidence to support this theory doesn't have to go that far.

Hungarians have an ancient material called Arvisura, which today is like a history book dating back 6000 years. It presents us with a world that modern history research is deeply silent on. Arvisura itself begins with the sinking island of a Pacific called Ata-Isis (Father-Isis), which its inhabitants called Atais and is not to be confused with Atlantis. This Atais was the center of the previous global civilization.

The language of Arvisura is not easy to read, but to give you a glimpse of a topic you are probably interested in with my modest English translation.

Among the disciples of the initiated golden woman of Mazarehi, there was an initiated youth, Matario, who was named as the Egyptian initiator by the name of Jesus. His father was nominated as a Roman kassu fighter of Gandas. Seven City (Hétváros) that is in the Egyptian language Hetevaret was in Bothon according to the hyksos, between the Nile Delta and today's Cairo. 

Mazarehi Gold Woman, accompanied by Gáspár, Menyhért and Boldizsár on the advice of the Initiate Center of Ordos, the newborn was escaped from Bethlehem to the capital of the sabir-hyksos Hetevaret, with the scribe tecton, a group of temple carpenters. Joseph tekton was monotheist among the other believers, he believed the onegod faith unlike many Jewish sects. The literate Jesus at the age of 12, defeated the Pharisees bathing in gold worship in the debate of the temple of Jerusalem and defended the heavenly "One Belief." In 15 AD, at Ordos, Partfikán was debated at the request of the golden woman of Mazareh for the training of Hétvár-Kegyhely. 4 years later he with Jesus went to Karnak with the wise men of the Theba who sought to learn the Holy One, who proclaimed the celestial origin. Then, in 24 AD, they went to Ordos to train the initiators, where Jesus became the leader among the Sons of God. Partfikán made a friendship with the born of Neapolis City Izboldo and the Hungar initiator of the Paraid Empire. According to the secret rules of the Holy Crowd, the sabir Jesus was named the Messiah, the Son of God. According to the initiators of the celestial origin, the Monotheism has been born on our partner planet, where thousands of years ago they ended up the murderous warfare and since then people have lived in love. They were sworn in to realize this Heavenly Love-religion. Afterwards, they reviewed their Books of Life in Tibet in the Red and Yellow Desants system. After seeing the monotheist works of Harapi-Indus valley as a prince, he was crowned as initiated prince in Nippur to Christ, In Uruk Jesus was crowned king of Gilgames's holy crown. Partfikán, Hungár and Izboldó, on behalf of the Hun tribes, provided Jesus with their support. In 29, the Uruki Unity community was founded to maintain the continuity of the “Temple of Life”. 

In Pannonia, there are indigenous people from each of the 24 Hun Tribes who once again occupied the Hot Water Empire. Hungár complained that the deputies of the procurator without being able to speak in Pannonian languages, gave the names of the indigenous people according to their own ideas or the names of the rivers, in which the chiefs of the pannon agreed. For this reason, Hungár suggested, among other things, that the delegation of the Oscus boards should wait for the delivery to Ordos, because the second hundred-year contract would take a mature report. The ten-year checks will continue to be maintained. There is a bloody confrontation between Jewish sects of Asenbettel, Annabetel, Herrembettel, Hiszrael, Jahu and Élihóm. All of them have a different interpretation of the Heavenly doctrine of Love. Some people just write and explain Jesus' doctrine differently.

Let's jump to today. The situation, in my opinion, is that the debate on Finno-Ugric theory is similar to the debate on the creation of Darwinian theory, the solution of which is that they are both. It should also be borne in mind that Hungarian inventions have made such an appearance in today's civilization. When we look at what the Danes have accomplished with LEGO, the serious question arises as to why we are such a poor country in bondage, while we have given so much to the world and could still give, if the forces behind intent to suppress us would allow it.

It is our responsibility too, to be sure that today the word politician is one of useless rogue and is made up of figures we can hardly expect to change. The problem is, with little hope of getting the really talented and decent people close to power, a system has been built here that closes them off.

Who would doubt the information and context that is being discussed, I would ask him/her, is it a primitive nomadic people who have such folk songs? The following video features a Hungarian folk song performed by a Mongolian ambassador accredited to Budapest.

Thank you for your attention!