Until they say it on TV

... until then you didn't exist, you non-existent UFOs!

Humanity lives its everyday life and perhaps doesn't pay more attention to aliens because:

1. if they fly over our heads here, they will not cause havoc
2. We live in individual consciousness and our everyday concerns are more important
3. It is better not to believe in such a thing
4. better not to think about it and you're a little guy
5. and so on

If governments made the subject public, as a Mars researcher noted, humanity was not prepared for what he could say. I think he's ready. The elite was not prepared for what would happen when alien religion was discussed and what would happen if knowledge was passed that would upset power relations and what would happen if the stock market and the world stall. For aliens have no factories, they compress matter from energy. I talked to them a lot about via thought communication and we came to the conclusion that we could change a lot in their worlds and they were ours too. But it does not matter who conducts this on this side. Aliens have also grasped the gravity of the problem, appearing as UFOs, causing great panic, and trying other solutions.

It seems censored

It must be understood that because of the rise in consciousness, our world will undergo fundamental changes in a very short time. The change is sudden because we have so far insisted on the old one that we have failed to be gradual. Luckily, while on the planet, they were subordinate to their lives for some reason following their intuitions, and this is something that gives some people the opportunity to control what happens. For after the rise of consciousness, this physical world, which is based on the evidence of science, has been placed in an environment where magic is part of everyday life. Plenty of people develop special abilities that will threaten the power of the old order. Magic is common in alien worlds who have not yet transmitted radio signals because they use completely different technology. They don't have a cell phone because they communicate with their thoughts in a world not as separate as ours. We should not be separated in this way, and they should be more separated from each other, and with this position I have now overcome the anger of the masters and mistresses of both worlds. Which is a common occurrence anyway, at least logically you infer from the following video, in which the American fighter does not shoot love packs to the UFO that sucks in a big curve, by the way.

They presumably know exactly who they are shooting at and why. This logically indicates that they have not started dating today.

The Moon is rumored to be full of alien bases watching us, but it has other surprises. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that you have to be prepared to receive information that we thought was unimaginable, or something that confronts the faith we have lived so far. Not only are they capable of shocking people, but they can also cause trauma, the role of people who are able to present this properly to other people is appreciated.

I've been collecting and translating videos I consider authentic for some time now. Some include the famous Roswell case, not even at the margins, but it has not become world-famous and one that raises serious questions about aliens who have been here for centuries. I also attach a Wikipedia entry to the latter.

I understand that copyright, but it is a serious problem in changing the level of consciousness. The other is advertising.

"The official explanation Apollo 20: One of the canceled missions of the Apollo program, the unused Saturn V launchers were launched into Skylab orbit and then used in the joint US-Soviet (Soyuz-Apollo) program. The rest of the program was canceled due to lack of interest. The Apollo program was originally designed for 20 missions and later for 18 budget reasons. Finally, they completed 17 missions."

If we have touched the moon, then Mars should be mentioned. What we learn more about, changes our knowledge even radically. At first, it had little atmosphere, then water, and then it was seriously thought that microbes might live on it because something had to produce methane. Such an discovery would be of immense significance! Then come an enlarged detail of a marching panorama that escaped the censors' attention.

I have already found interesting information about Mars, the secret of which is to rise above our first thought and to rely on our intuitions, otherwise we will override the act of first thought. When someone reads the information on the link, it becomes more believable.

The story of a war once involving Mars and another planet (Prosperine) in our Solar System, known as the asteroid zone, is not unknown to the eso's. The science on which the evidence is based, however, has not yet found evidence of this, provided that this evidence is also made available to those who obtain it. In the meantime, we will remain what is called information coming through the spiritual channel. However, it is widespread not only that the remnants of advanced civilization live beneath the surface of Mars, but also that beneath the surface of Earth, who have fled to the Earth from an asteroid impact as mentioned in the Bible, makes it known as a Waterflood.

English subtitle later

If you started reading this material without knowing anything about it, then welcome to the new world! Many people think I'm stupid if I believe in such things. I don't believe in them, but I know they exist. From here on, those who steal me are stupid, because they have zero knowledge of the subject and dare to form an opinion of me. But I'll go on. Remember the Cassini space probe? It was a great success in the history of space exploration that a man-made space instrument was able to study Saturn and its moons. However, there is little talk about Russian space exploration, so let's decide together whether or not what we see is true.

But what could be so interesting about Saturn? Did you remember in one of the previous videos the incredible assumption that our moon is a gigantic spaceship?

Things are happening here that you have no idea about. But once the level of consciousness has changed, the moment comes when you wake up you realise who you really are. It will be difficult to answer a few questions that you are a little man and you had no idea who and what they did on your behalf. It would be time to wake up slowly, with some of the many species around us trying to help, but it wouldn't work without you. There are some who don't.

You should not despair or panic about this information. This is how human knowledge evolves. In the Middle Ages, it was still threatened by bonfire who believed that the Earth was orbiting the sun and not vice versa. By now, it has turned out that the Earth has never circumvented the Sun, but everyone believes it.

Thank you for your attention!